Who we are ?

Datanumia, 150 specialists working in agile mode in an ecosystem at the cutting edge in terms of data processing and valorisation.

Our history

Since 2005, the Edelia team has been passionate about simplifying the way people experience energy consumption. To this end, they created a technological platform combining artificial intelligence, data science and the Internet of Things. Through it, valuable information was used to engage more than 12 million customers in Europe.
Netseenergy, has focused on improving its clients’ energy efficiency since 2002. The aim has always been to reduce the environmental, economic and social costs induced by the production, the transport and the consumption of energy.
Netseenergy and Edelia enthusiastically joined forces in 2021, with the launch of Datanumia, an EDF subsidiary and leader in the optimisation of energy management.
Datanumia : a combination of data, digital innovation and artificial intelligence

What we do:

Datanumia develops innovative digital solutions (web portals, applications) to monitor, optimise and manage energy consumption and carbon footprints in individual and collective housing, corporate buildings and industries. With our services, clients can compare the data from their sites with the data from other similar sites and homes.
They can measure their consumption based on use (such as heating or lighting) and receive notifications to reduce their consumption or to improve their energy performance. Our teams have developed digital platforms that can process very large volumes of data. They also design algorithms to conduct in-depth analyses.
Datanumia combines the agility of an expert start up in the field of energy data with the robustness of EDF’s expertise across the energy value chain
Thierry Brot, Managing Director.
The Datanumia adventure is more than 15 years of expertise managed by group of directors, at the service of its customers
  • Thierry BROT
    Managing Director
  • Julien BELHOSTE
    BtoC Marketing & Sales Director
    BtoC Marketing & Sales Director
    Product Director
  • Marc BOMBRUN
    Chief Information Officer
  • Michel GUICHARD
    Director of Operations
  • Corinne Dubois
    Financial and Administrative Director
  • Chloé ENJOLRAS
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Dominique TURCK
    Head of Human Resources

Datanumia in figures

  • 4,200,000

    active residential users

  • 40,000

    business and industrial users

  • 10,000,000

    data processed daily

  • 150


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