The iBoard

Your energy management platform

With the IBoard, visualize the evolution of your buildings’ energy consumption at a glance and access to advanced features to improve their energy efficiency.

A strong expertise to leverage the full value of your data

Collected via several sources – invoices, contracts, IoT, energy providers – data are processed by our data team to make them as understandable and smart as possible, giving you the most reliable, relevant and secured information.

You then get access to a unique energy management platform taking all your buildings and fluids (electricity, gas, water, fuel, urban heating…) into account.


Analysis and alerts available to measure and monitor your energy data 

Distributions, trend curvs or histograms graphs, it’s possible to easily configurate analysis. A complete advanced and financial library is at your disposal to set your dashboard up with new indicators and track your energy consumption.

To be informed in case of overrun, you also have the opportunity to configurate customized alerts. At a glance, you can then visualize buildings with ongoing alerts – such as abnormal consumption or water leak - and thus react as quick as possible to avoid wastes.



Energy Performance Indicators to measure and optimize your energy uses

Monitoring energy consumption and improving its efficiency represent a major challenge in terms of industrial competitiveness.

With Datanumia’s iBoard platform and our instrumentation services, it is now possible to implement an EPI measurement system on one equipment or more that constitute a significant energy use (boiler, cooling or compressed air production, for example).

Enhance your energy management with a dedicatedspecific monitoring of Energy Performance Indicators specific to your activity:

  • Measure, track, and retain the data necessary for EPI calculation.
  • Receive alerts in case of drifts from predefined EPI thresholds.

The platform is now compatible with EPC IND-UT-134 form, enabling you, as an industrialist, to benefit from energy grants to finance the implementation of an EPI measurement system.

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A customized action plan to answer your main energy efficiency challenges

To go further towards energy optimization, the iBoard also offers an important feature: the action plan.

It enables you to elaborate a dedicated action plan to reach your energy savings ambitions. You can thus find recommandations coming from your Energy Manager Datanumia and can visualize your current energy savings, as well as your potential new ones according to actions already made and those to come.

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The iBoard is certified as compatible with requirement SV1.1 Operating energy dashboard of the 4GRIDS V1.0 label.

CERTIVEA is a certifier and subsidiary of CSTB.


Eventually, this dashboard will enable us to know our global consumption per building and macro-use: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, telecom servers… The iBoard will also allow to compare consumptions year after year, define overconsumption alerts (free from seasonal effects) and resulting actions. Without forgetting to collect reliable information to enrich the Ademe’s counter – the OPERAT platform – these data having to be auditable.

François-Marie Schisler – Product Manager in charge of Real Estate and Energy Management at Civaux

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