Jul 2021

Energy Manager, a promising profession committed to bringing energy efficiency in companies

Energy managers are essential links in the energy transition chain. Their job is to identify what can be optimised and to find solutions to use less energy without losing comfort and / or production. They drive change and promote virtuous behaviour.


Is being an energy manager a trendy profession? Energy efficiency is a growing concern, as increasing environmental awareness and new regulations (EN NF 16247, ISO 50001, the French tertiary sector decree…) encourage or even impose it.

Many companies are therefore looking into the topic of energy consumption. So, how do we make the right decisions? How do we know we’re not on the wrong track? Energy performance is a complex topic and requires real expertise. This is precisely where the energy manager comes in.

With this presentation, you'll see that this energy expert is here to help you reach your energy goals. You'll also learn essential facts about energy management.

1. The energy manager: a true expert in energy efficiency

Energy managers are essential links in the energy transition chain. Their job is to identify what can be optimised and to find solutions to use less energy without losing comfort and / or production. They drive change and promote virtuous behaviour.

Their work generally takes place in three key steps:

  • Establishing an energy diagnosis - the energy manager starts by precisely inspecting the building’s overall energy consumption. Electricity, water, temperatures... energy expenditures are scrutinised and analysed to identify where energy is wasted, which processes consume too much energy, and poor behaviours.


  • Offering personalised solutions - Once the energy diagnosis has been established, the energy manager offers appropriate and personalised solutions aimed at improving the building’s energy performance while also maintaining the occupants’ comfort levels and responding to usage issues.


  • Implementing solutions and an EMS - Solutions are found and implemented under the energy manager’s supervision as he / she oversees the operations and trains and advises teams about monitoring energy consumption. An Energy Management System, which often follows the ISO 50001 standard, is also offered: it’s the guarantee of a long-lasting and sustainable process to manage energy expenditures.


2. What is the energy manager’s main objective?

The energy manager’s main goal is to reach optimal energy efficiency.

Whether the setting is corporate, industrial or residential, energy managers are there to reduce energy costs. They are true energy pilots, involved at every stage to guarantee optimal energy performances.

Not only do they rely on their expertise and experience, but they also make use of the technological developments in energy intelligence to manage and monitor energy costs more accurately.

As you can see, the energy manager is a powerful ally who's there to support you and help you achieve energy efficiency by reducing your energy consumption.


3. Should the energy manager position be in-house?

It all depends on the company’s size and on its line of business. So far, the energy manager position has only been in-house in large industrial groups for which energy issues are central.

For all other companies – small businesses, real estate companies and others – an external service provider is often called to tackle energy management. That way, an outside party can look at consumption habits and provide the latest innovations in energy intelligence.

energy manager

4. Why ask for the services of an energy manager?

Through their expertise and experience, energy managers identify a site’s potential energy savings and set up the right solutions to take advantage of them. They also know better than anyone the French and European regulations on energy efficiency.

That is why the energy manager is the perfect person to counsel and advise a company on a daily basis if the company is keen on succeeding in its journey towards reducing its energy consumption and conforming to the latest regulations.

In more concrete terms, the energy manager helps the company:

  • consume less, but more efficiently
  • manage energy costs effectively over the long term
  • comply with new standards and other energy regulations

The energy manager therefore helps the company save a lot of time and energy!

5. When and how does the energy manager intervene?

The energy manager intervenes at the request of a company. This is either a purely voluntary approach aimed at reducing energy consumption, or it is prompted by a need to apply regulations that set mandatory energy efficiency objectives (the mandatory audit EN NF 16247, the French tertiary sector decree…). Regardless of the source of the need, energy managers at Datanumia are fully equipped to support you in this endeavour.

The site doesn't necessarily have to be fully equipped. As a major player in energy efficiency, Datanumia offers several solutions tailored for different needs. One of them, So Digital, is a fully digital audit of the business.

This results in no disturbances, lower costs, and personalised recommendations for the company. This audit is done by collecting and analysing energy data and energy consumption usages (such as building’s consumption history or its typology). It is supported by artificial intelligence and by the energy manager’s expertise.

If your aim is to respond to the regulatory requirements of standard EN NF 16247, then you may want to opt for our So Agile package. In this case, the energy manager places measuring instruments on site and uses the collected data to draft a certified audit report.

So Wize, our full-service offer, is made for companies that want to take things one step further and achieve energy excellence. In this case, if you want it, an energy manager can be dedicated to your business and oversee the implementation of an energy management system. Field trips and the deployment of connected objects on site are to be expected with this offer.

6. The iBoard, a very useful energy management monitoring software

Datanumia is committed to be by your side to set up energy management policies and to ensure their success. Its tool, the iBoard, is available in the Software as a Service (SaaS) mode. It is intuitive, complete and fully customisable.

This online tool can be accessed by all authorised employees. It centralises all of the energy and patrimonial data and allows you to follow multi-fluid and multisite consumption data in real time via key indicators.

The iBoard is also equipped with a warning system alerting you when thresholds are breached. You can then quickly react when there’s a fluctuation, an anomaly or overconsumption. It’s the ideal tool, made for you to follow the energy saving action plan designed by the energy manager!

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