Relationship program

Marketing campaigns are powerful tools that can transform how you interact with your customers and address your challenges:

Relationship program offer

Marketing campaigns are powerful tools that can transform how you interact with your customers and address your challenges:

Increase the number of visitors and recurrence of use, enhancement of customer satisfaction and engagement, accompaniement towards energy efficiency by highlighting personalized features and eco-gestures and promotion of energy-efficient equipments.

Customizing Campaigns to perform

Datanumia's Data and IT expertise enables to take into account numerous personalized data  such as consumption data in Euros, kWh, or Kg of CO2, comparisons with similar homes, and identification of the most energy-consuming devices, among others.

UX/UI Expertise to design campaigns:

Design plays a main role in campaign success. Datanumia's expertise adapts to your brand guidelines, improving conversion rates and strengthening your brand image while staying in line with current trends.

Monitoring and Testing for Content Optimization:

We track several indicators to measure campaign effectiveness, including deliverability rates, open rates, click rates, reactivity, and specific metrics related to business objectives such as consumption evolution by segment, segment visit counts, profile completion, all to continuously enhance performance.

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Automated Relationship program: The Art of Customizationto create a Long-lasting Customer Relationship

Automated processes offer several advantages and have become an essential pillar of any relationship marketing strategy:

Continuous Engagement: Campaigns keep your customers engaged over time by sending timely messages throughout the customer lifecycle.

Time Savings: Campaign automation allows teams to focus on other activities, increasing operational efficiency and productivity.

Decrease errors: Consistency over time is guaranteed, and the risk of human errors is minimized.

Increased Conversion: By guiding users through a specifically designed journey to encourage them to take concrete actions, automated programs lead to higher conversion rates.

Improved Customer Knowledge: Combined with automated marketing segmentation, you gain insights regarding your users by categorizing them according totheir actions and profile, allowing you to deliver the right message, on the right channel, at the right time.

Datanumia's Relationship Program key figures:

  • 2,5

    million emails in 2022

  • 70%

    average open rate.

  • 20%

    click-through rate

Some examples of Campaigns routed by Datanumia:

  • "Consumption Goal" Campaign:

An automated program consisting of emails and SMS, generated after that a customer sets a consumption goal. The program aims to engage the customer throughout their goals, offering monthly follow-ups and energy-saving tips.

Result: Customers succeed in meeting their annual consumption goals.

  • Campagne mensuelle de consommation :  

An automated monthly campaign aiming to increase connexions to the platform by highlighting personalized consumption data.

The campaign compares the last two months' consumption to show trends to the customer.

Result: Increased platform recurrence of use

  • Package Tracking Campaign:

An API-triggered campaign initiated instantly when the carrier generates a package tracking link.

Result: Customer satisfaction in the subscription journey

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